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HFE is composed of a Patron, an Honorary President, two Honorary Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer and an Executive Committee (EXCOM).

HFE's Honorary President is John Bowis who was a Member of European Parliament from 1999 to 2009. John became HFE's Honorary President in 2009 and re-elected for a fourth term in 2015. To learn more about John Bowis's profile, please click here.

Since its inception, HFE has also been under the Patronage of David Byrne, former EU Health Commissioner from 1999-2004.


There are 2 HFE Vice-Presidents:

  • Bert Van Caelenberg (EUROFEDOP)
  • Albert van der Zeijden (IAPO)

HFE's treasurer is Tanja Valentin.

Members of the HFE Executive Committee are

HFE is run by a Secretariat in Brussels. The HFE Secretariat is operated by Instinctif Partners.

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